Respect The Snake Website Survey
Please take about 20-25 min to navigate through the different pages on our website, with special
attention to the "Materials for Educators" page. Then please complete the following survey to
help us improve this site for your educational use.
Thank You!!
1) Please tell us what grade level you teach:
2) How often do you use web based materials in your lesson preparation?
3) What types of web based materials (in general) do you currently use in your
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4) Would you use any of the currently available "Materials for Educators" in your
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If Yes, Please tell us which are of
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5) What types of web materials would you like to see more of on our website?
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6) Would the content of this website help you to meet at least one of the academic
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If Yes, Please Tell us which ones if
7) What improvements or suggestions can you provide to help us make our web
materials more useful for you in your lesson planning?
8) Please give us your overall thoughts on the content available on this website as
a whole.