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The Lake Erie Water Snake Newsletter

In this issue: The Meaning of the Endangered Species Act; Yard Signs
Available; LEWS Status Explained; Hibernation Study Begins in 2000

In this Issue: An Interview with 'The Snake Lady'; New Law Enforcement
Signs; Island Students Learning about LEWS; Know Your Snakes;
Poetry and Essay Contest Winning Entries

In this Issue: Movement Patterns and Hibernation Sites of LEWS;
Middle Bass Island: Creating Our New State Park; Save the Snake:
What is Biodiversity and Why is it Important?; Snake Check-up; Kent
Kroonemeyer: In Memoriam

In this Issue: Research on Movement Patterns and Hibernation
Continues; Tracking the Snake; Snake Check-up; A Note From 'The
Snake Lady'; LEWS News Online!
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Why not start by reading LEWS News, the publication dedicated to the Lake
Erie Water Snake and its conservation. This publication is produced by the U.S.
Fish and Wildlife Service and the
Ohio Division of Wildlife, but would not be
possible without the contributions of many people. Thank you to all of our
A special recognition to Megan Seymour with the
USFWS in Reynoldsburg Ohio,
who has put the publication together since its inception!
Thank You Megan for all that you do!

In this Issue: Radio-telemetry Reveals Much About LEWS; Planning
Construction? Read This!; Conserving Endangered and Threatened
Species on Private Lands: HCP's and SHA's; LEWS Recovery Planning

In this Issue: Telemetry Study Update; Considering a New Dock?;
LEWS Clues!; Green Island, Past and Present; Snake Check-up

In this Issue: Focus on Recovery; LEWS Research Update; Ask The
Island Snakelady; Attention Lake Erie Island Shoreline Property
Owners; Executive Summary in LEWS Draft Recovery Plan; Snake

In this Issue: USFWS Approves LEWS Habitat Conservation Plan;
The Little Snakeman; LEWS Research Update; 30,000 Great Lake
Islands-Seeing the Big Picture; Approved LEWS Recovery Plan to be
Released Soon

In this Issue: Gorging on Gobies:Impacts of the Round Goby on the
Lake Erie Water Snake; LEWS Labor and Delivery: Reproduction in
the Lake Erie Water Snake; Attention Shoreline Property Owners;
Conserving the Ecological Significance of the Lake Erie Islands; Got
Snakes?? Announcing Nerodio 2004; LEWS Recovery Update

In this Issue: Update Nerodio 2004!; Exploring Ohio's WIlderness:
West Sister Island National Wildlife Refuge; The Nature
Conservancy: Working for Conservation of the Lake Erie Islands;
LEWS Across the Border

In this Issue: Current Population Estimates for the LEWS; Attention
Kids!Nature Camp at the Bay and Environmental Adventure Camp;
Lake Erie Islands Chapter of the Black Swamp Conservancy
Announces Its First LEWS Conservation Agreement!; Have You
Seen This Snake?; Got Snakes?? Announcing Nerodio 2005

In this Issue: Lake Erie Shore Not Just for Snakes...for Birds Too!;
Public Comment Period Open on Draft Environmental Assessment
and Habitat Conservation Plan for LEWS on Kelleys Island; Island
Nature Camp a Great Success!; Contaminants in LEWS Have Not
Increased as a Result of Consuming Round Gobies; Memorial
Dedication for Kent Kroonemeyer; Clean Ohio Conservation Grant to
Preserve Two Island Properties

In this Issue: A Flagship For the Islands; A Giant Slither Toward
Recovery: ODNR Manages Habitat for LEWS; New LEWS Research
Projects; Valore Property, East Point, South Bass Island, Ohio;
What's News This Spring with LEIC-BSC; Got Snakes?? Announcing
Nerodio 2006!

In this Issue: LEWS in the Limelight! Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs
to Feature the Island Snake Lady and the Lake Erie Water Snake.;
Lake Erie Water Snake - Round Goby Population Interactions;
ODNR Builds Artificial Snake Hibernacula on Middle Bass Island;
Thanks for Making Nature Camp a Success!; Ohio Edison Installs
Artificial Hibernaculum; Middle Bass Island State Park Telemetry
Research and Consultation Update

In this Issue: Nerodio 2007...As seen on Dirty Jobs; Middle Bass
wetland donation; New brochures and websites for LEWS; MBI
Marina update; Clean Ohio grant means new trail; Wedding Bells
for snakelady; Get your Respect the Snake gear; Nature camp
2007 registration open; Nerodio Kids Day

In this Issue: LEWS and Private Land; Nerodio 2007 and North
Bass; Recovering and Delisting LEWS; Nerodio Kids Day; Herp
Open House; Nature Camp; Respect the Snake and Win!

In this Issue: LEWS population persistence; Public Opinion
Surveys; New South Bass park; Nature Camp at the Bay; Island
Nature Museum; Isles of Terror; Nerodio 2008; Island Days of
Discovery dates

In this Issue: LEWS hibernation; Middle Bass Island Marina
updates; 2008 LEWS population census; Nature Camp with

In this Issue: Current LEWS status, habitat management
guidelines for LEWS, Middle Bass Island Marina updates