Respect The Snake POSTER Survey
Please take several minutes to provide us with feedback regarding
the LEWS educational poster
Thank You!!
1) What is the name of your school or organization?:
2) If applicable, what grade level do you teach?
3) How do you plan on displaying your LEWS educational poster?
4) Were you previously aware of the LEWS educational material available on
5)  If yes to number 4, which of the currently available "Materials for Educators"
have you used in your lesson preparation?
6) What other types of LEWS educational material do you feel could be useful?
7) Would the content of this poster help you to meet at least one of the academic
standards for your grade level if you were to incorporate any of it in your lessons?
If Yes, Please Tell us which ones if
8) Please give us your overall thoughts on the content available on this poster as
a whole.
9) What improvements or suggestions can you provide to help us make our
educational materials more useful for you in your lesson planning?
10) Any other comments regarding LEWS?