It takes a group of "special" people that volunteer their time to help us gather the data necessary for us to
continually learn more about LEWS and pass that information on to you.

Here are a few of the repeat offenders...often referred to as Team Snake!
Matt "Captain" Thomas and Mike "Ace"
Julie  Ray, Michael "Ace" Andre, Rob Hannon, Joe Schofield, Kristin  Stanford
Kristin "The Island Snakelady" Stanford
Bill "NerodiOOOOOOOOO" Flanagan
Kent  Bekker
Tyler Lawson
Arthur "middle bass snake man" Wolf
Kent Bekker and Rich King
Elise and Addison Torrence with the snakelady
Karen "SIMPSON!", April  Sidoti, Mike "Dances with Snakes" Rowe, Tyler  Lawson
and Peter Jones.
A dirty dirty crew.....aka Discovery Channel's Most Wanted
Keith Hanson, Shawn Kurtzman, Jennifer Yi, and
Max Castorani practicing their LEWS dock dive
Amy "like OMG is that the Snakelady!" Kruzer bring hunted by