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Photo: Megan Seymour

Wild Tuesdays are all done for 2009. Thank you to all of the 1200+ visitors that
came and saw the snakes!  Check back in 2010 for your chance to come see, HOLD,
and learn about the
snakes of the Lake Erie Islands!
Respect The Snake is dedicated to educating people about the Lake Erie Water Snake (often called LEWS) through good scientific
research and continued public outreach. Our goal is not necessarily to convert the masses into 'snake lovers', but rather to encourage and
promote mutual respect for peaceful co-existence.
Please feel free to use the information on this website for your newsletters, papers, project, teaching lesson, etc.  All we ask is that you
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We thank you for visiting this site and hope that you will spend some time here to educate yourself and help us spread the word about
LEWS and other snakes!
Team Snake’s newest member, Amy Kruzer, hails from Baldwin-
Wallace College in Berea, OH.  Amy will be taking part in Stone  
Lab’s REU program and will be spending the summer working with
Lake Erie watersnakes at the marina on Middle Bass Island.  In
2008, the state of Ohio undertook a multimillion dollar project
renovating the Middle Bass marina.  Because LEWS are a federally
protected species the construction of the new marina required that
every LEWS be relocated to a new area outside the construction
zone.  Amy’s project will focus on recolonization of the marina and
examining this years body condition of translocated individuals
compared to last year to help gauge long term impacts on the
population due to translocation.
Research Spotlight: Stone Lab REU/ Baldwin-Wallace College Student, Amy Kruzer
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WKYC segment on LEWS. Apparently we still have our work cut out for
Behind the scenes snakin' with the Kristin Stanford at SBI State Park